Los Cabos Spins Out A New Line Of Practice Pads

By Andy Doerschuk Published December 13, 2010

There’s a new practice pad in town – well, that is, if you live in Hanwell, New Brunswick, where you’ll find the Canadian headquarters for the upstart stick company, Los Cabos.

Gotta love these guys. Little by little, inch by inch, they just keep sidling into the market, introducing one new line at a time, including these practice pads, which feature a hefty gum rubber playing surface, Baltic birch wood base, and 8mm brass thread for easy mounting. Okay, they didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel here, but the price is right: $25.99 for the 6", 29.99 for the 8", and $39.99 for the 10" model. The company plans to launch the line at the upcomingg winter NAMM show in January, so you can expect to see them hit your local drum shop by April or so.