LP Classic Top-Tuning Congas Offer New Finish Options

By Andy Doerschuk
Published April 11, 2011

Let’s not forget that Latin Percussion simplified the process of tuning congas when it introduced its line of Classic Top-Tuning congas last year. Like magic, percussionists no longer had to turn over the drum or remove it from a stand to tweak its tone. And now the company has expanded the playing field by introducing two sumptuous new finishes in the Classic Top-Tuning line: “Dark Wood,” a deep, transparent cherry-colored stain; and “Vintage Sunburst,” a bright and striking sunburst pattern that graduates from a natural oak color at the center of the shell into a stunning auburn that eventually blends into a deep, rich sable black. Now, that’s a lot more of a “win” than anything Charlie Sheen has seen in recent months.