LP’s Jim Greiner Shekere

Whole Lotta Shekere Goin’ On

Jim Greiner — the performer and educator who has dedicated himself to promoting the physical and spiritual benefits of playing percussion — has added designer to his list of credits with the introduction of Latin Percussion's Jim Greiner Shekere.

Jim ably demonstrated his new shekere in a personal appearance at Winter NAMM so we heard all the gourd's great sound characteristic first hand. His namesake shekere combines old- and new-world technology to create an original version of this popular West African instrument that's amazingly musical while being extremely player-friendly. It's designed to offer the traditional sound and feel of the relatively fragile gourd-based shekere, but with the durability of contemporary materials. The shell of the Jim Greiner Shekere is slightly smaller overall than that of LP's standard model.This improved size and shape was created by digitally matching an original organic gourd hand-selected by Jim, and then further tailoring all the dimensions for optimal feel, balance, projection, and warmth.

The resulting design not only offers those sonic advantages, but also makes the Jim Greiner Shekere easier to handle during performance. The network of beads that covers the durable fiberglass shell is unlike that of any other shekere. Jim worked closely with LP's designers to create specially formulated plastic beads that help to replicate the bead-on-gourd sound of traditional shekeres.

In addition, the cord material and even the weave of the netting itself have been specially chosen to achieve the most musical sound, playable feel, and attractive appearance. The Jim Greiner Shekere is unlike any shekere you've ever played. It reflects LP's long-standing commitment to working with the world's most accomplished and knowledgeable musicians in order to create innovative instruments to meet real-world applications. LP484 LP Jim Greiner Shekere. $175.

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