LP’s Tito De Gracia Signature Timbales

Totally Tito

By Andrew Lentz Published August 11, 2009

The discography of Tito De Gracia reads like a who’s who of Latin music. So it only made sense for LP to honor him with signature Tito De Gracia Timbales.

The pure stainless steel shells deliver a silvery glow reminiscent of the Copacabana’s hey day but the stinging attack and hefty tone are strictly contemporary. Both timbales are 14”-diameter drums, and thus in the same harmonic family, with one speaking in a higher voice.

The cascara is bright, and is brimming with elongated, chiming overtones. Similarly, rimshots project brightly but there’s no jagged edge thanks to the deeper-than-average 8.5" shells.

LP Tito De Gracia Timbales feature a heavy-duty, height-adjustable/tilt-adjustable stand (LP980) that allow the drums to be positioned low enough for drum set playing as well as regular height playing. Cowbell bracket, tuning wrench, and timbale sticks included. $870.

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