Ludwig & Ludwig Gold Triumphal Standard Snare

Ludwig & Ludwig Gold Triumphal Standard Model

Year: 1925
Dimensions: 14" x 4"
Number Of Lugs: 8

Ludwig & Ludwig Triumphal models were the top-of-the-line snare drums of their era, selling for $125 in the '20s. They were hand engraved on the shell, rims, and lugs; hand burnished; and gold-plated. Noted drum historian and collector Harry Cangany has stated that fewer than 12 of these snare drums were manufactured. Only seven were known to exist when this issue went to press; however, the engraving pattern on this drum is the only one of its kind. Famous ’20s movie star William S. Hart was the original owner, and he gave the drum to his son William S. Hart, Jr. on his third birthday in September of 1925.

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