Ludwig & Ludwig White Marine Pearl Standard

Ludwig & Ludwig White Marine Pearl Standard Model

Ludwig & Ludwig White Marine Pearl Standard Model
Extras: Engraved and gold-plated
Year: 1920s—'30s
Dimensions: 14" x 5"
Number Of Lugs: 10

Brass shell snare drums of this era were usually the only type of drums that were engraved. This example is unique in that the White Marine Pearl (Pyralin) has been expertly engraved, filled in with some type of ink or dye, and embellished with blue and gold rhinestones. Gold plating was a cataloged option, but this is most likely a one-off, uncatalogued special order drum. William F. Ludwig II has stated that: “They were always sending drums back to us to have modifications done.” Long time Classic column contributor and friend Liam Mulholland found this drum in 1994 just north of San Francisco in a Marin County church. Later that year, the drum was sold to a collector in England and finally made its way back “home” to California in March of 2004.

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