M5 Maple Kit From PDP

The Joy Of Maple

By Andrew Lentz Published October 6, 2009

There is something elegant, even profound about the M5 Maple kit from PDP. The mid-priced brand might not have the cachet of parent DW but when you get this much at such a low price point, who’s complaining?

A kit's only as good as its wood and that's where the M5 has an edge. The all-maple shells have awesome projection and deliver solid cutting tone at any volume.

The list of goodies on this 5-piece include STM off-shell mounting system to eliminate any stray resonance, True-Pitch Tuning system, F.A.S.T.-size drums (10" x 8" and 12" x 9" toms, 14” x 12" floor, 22” x 18" kick, and 14" x 5" snare), and comes equipped Remo heads.

Available in Natural Charcoal Burst (pictured), Cherry To Black Fade, Silver To Black Fade, Tobacco Burst, and Blue Fade to Black. $629.

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