malletKAT Cases from Alternate Mode

Coddle Your KAT

By Andrew Lentz Published December 22, 2009

Some gifts are great stocking stuffers. The new soft and hard cases for the malletKAT Express, malletkAT PRO and malletKAT Grand from Alternate Mode are great for stuffing your gear.

Ideal for local travel, these cases are incredibly well constructed and will protect your malletKAT. They include wheels, pockets and straps. If you plan on taking your malletKAT on planes, we now also carry the Pelican 1700 and 1750 hard cases. These cases are ATA approved for travel. They are airtight and waterproof.

The 1750 is for the malletKAT Pro and the1700 is for the malletKAT Express. The 1700 case can also accomodate two expanders, so it is possible to take a 4 octave malletKAT on the plane. This is perfect for European travel because the 4 octave Express and 1700 case weight well under 50 pounds!

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