Mapex Black Panther Big Cat Snare Drum

Call Of The Wild

By Andrew Lentz Published August 16, 2009

The long, hot summer just turned up a few degrees now that Mapex has added the Big Cat to its Black Panther line of snares drums.

The Black Panther Big Cat’s 6-ply, 5.1mm shell composition recalls the company’s popular Saturn Series — 2 inner plies of walnut and 4 exterior plies of maple. Factor in the whopping 8” deep shell, and we’re talking explosive sound.

The Big Cat’s intelligent features offer a tuning range wide enough to satisfy a whole spectrum of players. Said Mapex R&D Manager, Joe Hibbs. “Tuned down low, it’s very “Hotel California.” Crank it up and it’s “Cowboys From Hell.”

Comes with Mapex’s 2.3mm Powerhoops and Remo Ambassador heads. Finished in a natural gloss to highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Refined and elegant as it looks, this is one kitty you don’t want to mess with. $369.99.

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