Mapex Horizion Limited Edition Lacquer Kits

Limited Edition Lacquer Kits

By Andrew Lentz Published November 3, 2009

A limited edition Birch/Basswood version of Mapex's Horizon drum kit will be rockin' your summer. Each 6-piece set features one of two transparent lacquered finishes and stunning black hardware. All drum sets come with a free 8-inch add-on tom, complete with mounting hardware.

“The Horizon Series offers a unique blend of advanced features and classic sounding shells that are unmatched for its price,” explained Joe Hibbs, Mapex Product and Artist Manager. “The free tom included with the Horizon Limited Edition adds to that value by literally offering more bang for the buck.”

The Horizon Limited Edition set comes with a 22 x 18 bass drum, the free 8 x 7 tom, as well as 10 x 8 and 12 x 9 mounted toms, a 16 x 16 floor tom and a 14 x 5.5 snare drum. The set also comes with a full complement of Mapex 500 Series Hardware, including a snare stand, cymbal stand, boom stand, hi-hat stand and bass drum pedal.

The Birch/Basswood mixed shell gives a rich, controlled sound for maximum versatility in any setting. The Horizon Limited Edition is available in two high-gloss lacquer finishes: Transparent Cherry Red [HZB6295BCY] and Transparent Midnight Black [HZB6295BMB]. List price for the 6-piece set is $1,249.

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