Terry Urbanski’s Vanilla Cream Pearl Set

Terry Urbanski’s Prized Vanilla Cream Pearl Mapex Set

Terry Urbanski and his Mapex kit grab this week’s DKOTW! Urbanski currently lives in Canada, but his drums migrated from Wisconsin. This is what he has to say of his classy set.

I live in Canada and ordered my set from Bob’s Drums in Wisconsin. I plan on buying more cymbals, but this gives the drum kit a chance to shine as there are not a lot of cymbals blocking the Vanilla Cream Pearl wrap.

I took the bass drum mount off and purchased a top-of-the-line Mapex tom mount. The bass drum pedal is a DW 9000. The batter heads are Remo Ambassadors with an Aquarian 3 bass drum batter, the bottom heads are Remo Ebonys. I plan to add some Octabons and cover them with the same wrap in the near future, and also more cymbals and toys for example cowbells, jam blocks, hi-hat tambourine etc.

Terry Urbanski

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