Mapex Flexes Its Claws

Mapex Introduces The Black Panther Big Cat Snare Drum

It's been well over a decade since Mapex first came down with feline fever, having introduced an enormous number of snare drums sporting the Black Panther badge in one fell swoop. Now the obsession expands with the company's new Big Cat line of snare drums. Introduced this weekend at the Summer NAMM convention in Nashville, the Big Cat snare is 14" in diameter and a whopping 8" deep. The 6-ply, 5.1mm shell composition is similar to Mapex’s popular Saturn Series, with two inner plies of walnut and four exterior plies of maple. It's finished in a natural gloss that shows off the natural wood grain. It's easy on the eyes and will work well next to any other finish.

But this drum is all about the sound. Company spokespeople are telling every NAMM attendee within earshot (so far all 18 of 'em – hey, it's been a slow show, folks) that the shell boasts an incredibly wide tuning rang, more specifically: “Tuned down low, it’s very 'Hotel California.' Crank it up and it’s 'Cowboys From Hell.'" Can't be more specific than that.

The Black Panther Big Cat Snare (with the cumbersome model number: MPMW4800CNL) is equipped with Mapex 2.3mm Powerhoops and Remo Ambassador drumheads and is available through the Five Star Drum Shops, all authorized Mapex dealers, and Mapex e-commerce outlets. MSRP for the drum is $369.99, so you should be able to scoop one up for around $300. Can I hear you say yeah?

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