Maxonix Zero-G Anti-Gravity Stick Holder

Zero-G Goes Where No Stick Holder Has Gone Before

By Andy Doerschuk Published August 1, 2010

Don’t let gravity pull you down. Maxonix has introduced a nifty stick holder that makes gravitational force a thing of the past — well, at least for drummers. Check out the Zero-G Anti-Gravity Drumstick Holder, which allows drummers to position spare sticks in previously unheard of places, including completely upside down. The secret of the shock-mounted device is found in its FlexiGrip-Clips, which automatically self-adjust to hold different stick sizes simultaneously and keep them from rattling or buzzing. The Zero-G literally mounts onto any surface, including stands, booms, snare and tom hoops, floor tom legs, drum racks, and bass drum hoops.

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