MCD Percussion Keeps it In The Family

MCD Percussion Keeps It In The Family

By Salman Haqqi Published September 21, 2009

While working as a manager for Guitar Center in the ‘90s Kyle Mastropietro got a lot of recording and studio gigs. He says he was never completely pleased with big name drums he would try, so eventually he began making his own in the workshop owned by his family’s construction business. He still plays the first snare drum he ever made.

“What makes MCD Special is the intense process we use in cutting bearing edges,” says Kyle. We use three different granite tables and LED lighting to ensure a perfectly flat edge before we start cutting.” This process, he says, guarantees that drummers don’t get the “bad aftertaste” from drums where the head is not seated properly. They must be doing something right. Drummers at Larry Gold’s busy Philly studio, rave about MCD kits.

All MCD drums are completely custom, but they primarily build acrylics, maple ply drums and solid shells. “Our acrylics are really popular with guys in the hip-hop and gospel scene,” says Kyle.

MCD is a family business—even Kyle’s grandfather helps in the shop. And, if you order drums to pick up in person, they may even cook a little barbecue for you. MCD kits start at around $800 for standard kits and $2500 for solid shell designs.

Contact Kyle Mastropietro, 215-359-7923.

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