Mean and Green: HQ EcoPad from Evans

Hi Tech, Low Carbon

Built from recycled tires with a wood base made from residual waste, the HQ EcoPad from Evans lets you work on flam-a-diddles and double strokes all while helping the environment.

No ordinary pad series, the 9" EcoPad has an Adjustable Snare snare simulator that flips on and off via two separate dials for realistic performance experience. The EcoPad comes in a 6" one-side mountable pad, a 12" two-sided pad, and bot the the 6" and 9" pad that can be mounted on standard cymbal stands or the HQ Practice Pad stand. The 12" model has a lower density surface on the reverse side for a more intense workout.

All models come in a recycled display box with a recycled paper band. $34.99-$84.99.

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