Meet Scymtek Cymbals — New Bronze On The Block

Meet Scymtek Cymbals – New Bronze On The Block

pat mastelotto

Is the world ready for yet another new cymbal company importing bronze from Turkey? Well, ready or not, here comes Scymtek Cymbals.

Still, the Scymtek difference can be boiled down to a single word: pedigree. It just so happens that the man behind this new venture is Brian Spaun, whose surname has graced the respected custom Spaun Drum Company for the past couple decades. And he isn’t pussyfooting around – Scymtek hit the ground running with four distinct hand-hammered lines made of B20 bronze that cover a lot of stylistic ground.

The Classic series festures deep lathing and traditional finishes for a smoky, warm sound. In contrast, the Modern Series sports a brighter voice, with a tighter lathing pattern and brilliant finish. Heavy rock drummers will want to check out the Xtreme Series, which comes with an unlathed bell and packs enough of a punch to cut through high-energy music. And finally, the Vented Series takes the modern concept of cymbal venting to the extreme, splitting the difference between a China and a crash.

So is there room for one more Turkish cymbal brand? You bet.

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