Meet Your Maker: Acoutin Custom

Meet Your Maker: Acoutin Custom

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If you ask Cooper Acoutin where he found the inspiration to start building his hybrid-shell snare drums, he’ll likely attribute it to two things: existing hybrid designs and the encouragement he received from a pair of legendary industry innovators. But, that doesn’t tell the whole story.

The Orange County, California-based Acoutin Custom was born out of Cooper’s fascination with finding the perfect sound. After years of learning the ins and outs of building, Acoutin eventually turned his attention toward building combination metal and wood shells with a very intriguing twist.

Each Acoutin Custom drum features a spun metal center with top and bottom wood edge sections. The wood segments are available in either solid steam-bent or stave construction, and can be made of a wide selection of conventional or exotic woods.

What sets the Acoutin snares apart from other hybrid shells, however, is the interlocking design that allows the player to quickly swap out the wood sections to alter sound, depth, and feel. The patented design ensures a stable connection for ideal resonance and tone.

So, what really inspired the Acoutin concept? As mentioned above, he’s quick to credit a chance encounter with Randall May (inventor of the May Internal Miking System), or his friendship with gear wizard, Ronn Dunnett, but hearing him detail the long and labor-intensive road offers a different answer: “I was looking at every part of the drum, every nut, screw, bolt, sand, cut – everything – and letting my mind go wild. Then I just tried to figure out how to use all of that knowledge to find the perfect sound.” It sounds to us like your biggest inspiration came from within, good sir.


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