Meet Your Maker: Fidock Handmade Drums

Meet Your Maker: Fidock Handmade Drums

Fidock Handcrafted Drums look just how they sound — warm, natural, and first-rate. Behind their Blackwood grain is Stephan Fidock’s passion for superior drums.

In the ’80s, Fidock [first syllable rhymes with eye] was the drummer for big time Australian band The Reels. He was happy with the drums available, until later in his career, “when music started to get really soft in pubs and clubs where I was playing. The drums that I was using just wouldn’t deliver at very low volumes.” So he decided to make one that would, and started researching online.

Fidock was after a big, open, woody sound. “I just want something that sits well with a good acoustic piano, or a good double bass. I want something that has a lot of warmth.”

To get that sound, Fidock Handmade Drums are all about the wood. Fidock is devoted to Blackwood, a timber which has a lot of character at any volume. To compliment the shell, he offers wood hoops made of solid Blackwood, usually made from the same length of wood as the drum.

Each drum is made using stave construction. This means small blocks of wood are glued together to make a shell, like a barrel. This process requires much less glue than ply shells, and allows the wood grain to run vertically, which improves the vibration and sound. Each drum is lathed down to a thin shell, with reinforcement rings carved out at the top and bottom for support and to focus the sound.

Fidock’s really pleased with his Fatboy snares. “Making a drum 13" by 9", it made sense when I thought about it, to use those dimensions. It’s a snare that I’m really happy with. It’s funny. Even with such a deep shell, it’s actually more responsive than a 5" or a 6.5" drum.”

Fidock also makes drum sets. Coming this year, he’s making some same tree kits, which he describes as “a different animal completely. The drums have a deep compatibility of tone.”

At the current exchange rate, snares are RRP $1,260 with wood hoops, $999 without. Drum sets start at $4,290.

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