Meet Your Maker: Grover Pro Percussion

grover pro percussion

In 1979, 24-year-old Neil Grover was performing in the percussion section of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. One day, something caught his attention – he came across a very old, uniquely toned triangle. His curiosity led him to explore just why this triangle stood out above the rest. With the help of students at MIT’s Acoustics And Vibrations Lab, Grover set out to uncover the secret of creating this perfect instrument. In the process, his first product was born: the Grover Super-Overtone triangle. The product was a hit, and word spread quickly among Boston’s top percussionists. From there, he moved on to creating other products aimed at the symphonic concert market, with tambourines, mallets, woodblocks, and symphonic snare drums.

grover pro percussion

“Since our original snare drums were created for orchestral use, we never concerned ourselves with visual aesthetics like colors,” Grover says. “We focused exclusively on features that affect sound, like bearing edge shaping, snare bed depth, internal finish, and, making our own snare cables and wires by hand – one strand at a time.” But as Grover expanded the company into the pop music marketplace, he realized the importance of making a drum that not only performs on a world-class level, but also visually captivating.

grover pro percussion

The Internet has allowed the company to connect directly with drummers whose main concern is quality, and has motivated Grover Pro to grow as a business. “The fact is that we have been doing custom drum work for years,” Grover explains. “It’s just that we’re no longer keeping it a secret.”

Grover custom snares start at around $450.

Contact: Grover Pro Percussion,, 781-935-6200

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