Meinl Introduces Mb8 Brann Dailor Ghost Ride

Our big Brann Dailor cover story was one of this week’s most visited articles on, attracting so much traffic that our site almost crashed (no kidding)! Considering the explosive interest in Mastodon’s powerhouse drummer, it’s no surprise to learn that Meinl recently introduced the 21" Brann Dailor Mb8 Ghost Ride for his masses of fans.

Designed with Dailor’s drumming needs in mind, this medium-weight ride certainly isn’t a run-of-the-mill model. A special process in which the surface of the cymbal is heat-treated before it’s lathed creates a unique dark appearance. What’s more – all the logos on the cymbal are laser engraved onto the surface, including Mastodon’s Remission logo, which gives the instrument a unique twist.

Do you want to sound like Brann Dailor? Well, you’d better begin practicing. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have his ride cymbal in your arsenal while you do.