Meinl Introduces Reversible Pair Of Hi-Hats

Have you noticed how cymbal companies are suddenly racing to introduce hi-hats that promise more than one sound option? Meinl is the latest to jump onto this bandwagon with the introduction of the new 13" Derek Roddy Signature Serpents hi-hats.

Hand hammered from B20 bronze in Meinl’s Turkish cymbal factory, it combines an extra dry cymbal and a brilliant-finish cymbal in a single pair. Depending on the player’s sonic preference, each cymbal can be used either on the bottom or on the top.

But how does this switcheroo affect the sound? This is where Roddy chimes in: “They have an oversized sound without being … well, oversize. A super fuzzy sound when played open and an articulate and crisp sound when played closed … turn them over and experience a totally different sounding set of hats that is much softer and less dramatic.”