Meinl M-Series Fusion Cymbals: Dark Sensitivity

How many ways can you tinker with a cymbal design? The answer seems almost infinite judging by the new ideas that keep tumbling from Meinl’s R&D department.

Take their new M-Series Fusion series, for instance. On first glance you might think that its dual-finish surface is just the latest in the lathed/unlated trend that swept the cymbal scene in recent years, largely driven by the succession of Turkish cymbal brands that entered the market.

But upon closer inspection, M-Series Fusion cymbals are an altogether different species. Rather than bearing the heavy weights often associated with many individually cast two-tone cymbals, M-Series models are cut from sheets of B20 bronze alloy and feature a thin edge that lends a more sensitive response and attack.

And rather than incorporating lathed and unlathed surfaces, Meinl chose to couple a traditional closely lathed outer finish with a high-gloss brilliant inner finish, resulting in a fairly dark yet rich sound.

Of course, you’re the ultimate judge. So track down your nearest Meinl dealer and lay a stick into the line’s 10" splash, 14" hi-hats, 16" and 18" crashes, and 20" and 22" rides. It could be love at first swipe.

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