Mapex Meridian Black Limited Edition Obsidian Kit

Meridian Black Limited Edition Obsidian Kit

You might think that the mood is dark over at Mapex, but in fact the R&D department couldn’t feel giddier about the latest edition of the company’s elegant Meridian Black Limited Edition kit.

Christened the Obsidian after the shiny volcanic glass of the same name, the second edition of the line features rich birch/maple hybrid shells that crank out low and dark tones with a balanced attack.

For drummers who dwell on detail, the shell makeup is 4.8mm birch exterior/2.4mm maple interior for the 24" x 14" bass drum and 4.1mm birch exterior/1.7mm maple interior for the 12" x 8" rack tom and 16" x 16" floor tom. Obsidian shells come wrapped in a deep volcanic glass sparkle, are fitted with chrome hardware, and topped with Remo coated single ply UX drumheads.

The classic rock one-up/one-down configuration allows players to pull their ride cymbal close for a comfortable performance. While the Obsidian is a new-generation shell pack with kick and toms, Mapex has made available a matching 14" x 7" snare for players who demand a consistent look.

Obsessed with tone, Mapex put every aspect of this creation under the microscope, even coating the inside of the shells with a new black finish to enhance resonance and projection. The result? A bass drum that delivers an immediate massive low end that compliments the full attack of the toms.

Keep in mind that once this series is sold out, it will not be reproduced. So be sure to check with your local authorized Mapex dealer to experience the Obsidian kit for yourself ... while you still can.

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