Merlin Sutter’s Trimmed Down Kit For Eluveitie Tour

Merlin Sutter’s Trimmed Down Kit For Eluveitie Tour

This week’s DKOTW brings us the compact but mighty setup currently pounded by Merlin Sutter of Eluveitie. Die-hard fans of the Swiss folk-metal outfit will probably recognize the fact that Sutter (who will turn 26 tomorrow!) has scaled down his kit from its former double-bass configuration.

We wondered what inspired the reduction? “The setup is small and for practical reasons, partly mounted on some Gibraltar Stealth racks,” Sutter explains. “That allows me to fit it on a 2 by 2 meter rolling riser that can be split in the middle, ideal for our current support tour and storage on the side of the stage.”

It’s a beautiful rig at any size – especially that cool Silver Racing Stripe finish. Here are the specs:

Drums: Tama Starclassic Bubinga
12" x 9" Tom
16" x 14" Floor Tom
22" x 20" Bass Drum
14" x 6" Starphonic brass snare drum (Sutter’s backup snare is a 13" bubinga)

Cymbals: Zildjian (left to right from the drummer’s perspective):
19" A Custom Crash
14" A Custom Mastersound Hats
20" A Custom Crash
10" and 12" Oriental Splashes
21" K Custom Brilliant Crash Ride
19" A Custom Crash
18" A Custom China

Sutter mounts Evans G2 Clear batter heads and Evans G1 Clear resonants on toms, a 14" Power Center batter on the snare, and EQ3 Clear on the bass drum. In addition to his Gibraltar rack, Sutter uses Tama Roadpro stands, an Iron Cobra Rolling Glide pedal, and Iron Cobra Velo Glide hi-hat stand.

The angle above reveals a bit more detail about the electronic component of Sutter’s rig, which is otherwise all but hidden from the audience’s view. He explains, “The electronics on the side are for sample tracks run from Logic through an Alesis audio interface, my Sennheiser in-ear system, and an awesome device that allows me to run some of our lights via MIDI, also from Logic on our MacBook Pro.”

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