Sabian Revives Crescent Cymbals with “Hand Select” Dealers

Sabian Revives Crescent Cymbals with "Hand Select" Dealers

Sabian is proud to announce a continued commitment to old-world cymbal excellence with the relaunch of Crescent Cymbals – a series of traditionally-crafted instruments that are thin, dark, complex and always musical. Starting June 1, 2016, the new Sabian Crescent line will include Stanton Moore, Hammertone and Elements models, available for purchase exclusively from Sabian Hand Select Dealers throughout the United States.

In addition to Crescent models, Hand Select dealers guarantee to offer a large selection of traditionally-crafted, hand-hammered cymbals from the Sabian HH line. Hand Select retailers will provide personal attention, a unique in-store experience, and outstanding support for discerning drummers who prefer the highly-specialized expertise these dealers can provide.

Steeped in the heritage of Turkish craftsmanship, Crescent was renowned for producing boutique handcrafted cymbals for discerning musicians. Moving forward, Sabian Crescent will retain a sharp focus on crafting traditional instruments with the reliability, durability and quality for which the Sabian brand is renowned.

For a complete list of Crescent cymbals and Hand Select Dealers, please visit

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