Sonivox Goes All Out With Tony Coleman Drums

Iconic drummer captured in epic fashion for all-new percussion instrument

Renowned for his work with B.B. King, Etta James, Buddy Guy and Albert King, Tony’s illustrious drumming was expertly captured over four days at the lauded Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN, using top-shelf gear from the likes of API, Neve, SSL, Neumann, Fairchild, Vintech, DW Fearn, AEA, and more. Of particular note, select kick and snare samples were tracked to a Studer 827 2-inch analog tape machine. Users will able to optionally trigger select samples with the highly-desirable effect of tape compression. Complemented by a high-definition audio engine, each sample translates the session’s mouth-watering realism and detail to any modern digital audio workstation.

“I’ve done a lot of blues and soul records, and when it comes to drummers, Tony is the cream of the crop.” said project recording engineer Pete Matthews, “I’ve never been a part of a project with this level of detail, and in the end, we pulled out all the stops to replicate the nuanced playing of working in the studio with a real drummer.”

“SONiVOX captured the way I tune, the way I play—it all comes across like Tony Coleman.” added Tony, “It’s really special to me. I’m honored and excited to be a part of this project, and musicians of all types are really going to enjoy it.”

The recordings faithfully acquire Coleman’s maple Mapex Saturn Series kit, complete with hand-selected Sabian cymbals—each piece curated for his stringent requirements for definition, melodic capability, and tone. Drum parts can be adapted to any project by way of the instrument’s powerful editing and mixing capabilities. Users can adjust pitch, envelope, EQ, and filter settings for each drum or cymbal, bringing versatility to a wide range of song styles and genres. An all-new mixer provides per-part level, panning, and ambiance control—giving users the ability to tap into the coveted textures of Ardent’s world-class live room. Post-processing effects include compression, reverb and EQ.

Tony Coleman Drums Highlights:
  • 10 GB of expertly captured drum samples played by Tony Coleman
  • Recorded at Ardent Studios using top-shelf analog equipment
  • Select kick and snare samples feature analog tape compression
  • Intelligent Rhythm Control corrects note timing without sacrificing authenticity
  • ll-new audio engine for uncanny realism in any DAW
  • Comprehensive part editing; pitch, compression, filters, and EQ
  • Professional mixer interface lets users dial in part levels, panning, and room ambiance
  • Studio-grade master effects; reverb, compression, and EQ
  • 64-bit; VST, AU, and AAX compatible
Tony Coleman’s Kit:
  • Mapex Black Panther snare (maple)
  • Mapex Saturn Series 22x16 kick
  • Mapex Saturn Series rack toms; 10-, 12-, and 13-inch
  • Mapex Saturn Series floor toms; 14-, and 16-inch
  • Sabian 22-inch AAX ride cymbal
  • Sabian crash cymbals; 20-inch Vault, 16-inch AA, 17-inch AA, (2) 18-inch AAX, 16-inch custom Ozone, 20-inch Ozone
  • Sabian 16-inch AA hi-hats

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