Artstar Snare: An 80s Legend Reborn

Birch Is Back In The Groove

Tama has reignited their classic 1980's Artstar snare, this time adding some modern touches and dope improvements.

The new Artstar shells are created by combining plies of Cordia, Bubinga, and Birch. The density and rich grain of Cordia offer a highly musical resonance. Bubinga, characterized by extraordinary depth and lush, dark tones, provides a sound unlike anything else. The influence of Birch is heard in the upper frequencies, adding crisp attack and crystal clarity.

  • Model No.: AS656-NRC
  • Size: 6"x14"
  • Shell: 1 inner ply Cordia / 2ply Bubinga / 2ply Birch / 2ply Bubinga / 1ply Cordia, 7mm
  • Lug: Original Superstar Lug
  • Hoop: Die-Cast Hoop (10 hole)
  • Head: Remo┬« Coated Ambassador & Clear Snare Side Ambassador
  • Strainer/Butt: "Linear Drive" Strainer & Butt (MLS50A / MLS50B)
  • Snare Wire: Steel Sensitive Snare Wire (MS20S-S)
  • Finish: Natural Cordia (NRC)

They will only be available for a limited time. Contact your Local Tama Dealer for more information.

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