MTD MicTools Pack from Equation Audio

Completing The Equation

By Andrew Lentz Published December 7, 2009

The 8-piece MTD MicTools set from Equation Audio is professional sound right out of the box. Boasting three condenser mikes and five cardioids, the MicTools set makes it easy to capture the full potential of your kit.

The DMI.104.SLF is the heart of a great drum kit miking system. This supercardioid dynamic mic is well suited for kick drum, large floor tom and many instruments requiring low frequency capability. With enhanced bass response, this mic also works well with bass amplification.

The MicTools also contains two DMI.101 mikes. Useful for a variety of applications, from drums, to guitar amps, to horns, to just about any instrument, the DMI.101 is the go-to mike whether you rock an 8-piece rock set or just a small jazz kit.

The dynamic DMI.102-S mic has a super cardioid pattern, providing a tighter sonic signature than it's brother, the DMI-101. Where greater isolation from nearby sources is critical, the super cardioid DMI.102S is the choice. Useful for a variety of applications, from drums, to guitar amps, to just about any instrument.

With this microphone pack’s three CMI.103 condenser mics, you get pinpoint sound capture and zero bleed. The CMI.103 superbly reproduces mid to high frequency instruments with clarity and depth. Equipped with a Roll-Off filter and a PAD, this microphone works well on cymbals, strings, woodwinds and percussion.

The CRM.2 provides an efficient and fast way to move mics that have integrated stand adaptors to the rim of your drums. The padded clamp mount will fit most drum rims (even hoop-type models) and accept most microphone stand adaptors.

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