Musikmesse 2010: Cymbals and More

Musikmesse 2010: Cymbals and More

At the Musikmesse there is no shortage of cymbals, including some Turkish brands and boutique lines not commonly seen in the US. The big names were out in force, including Zildjian, Sabian, and Paiste, which is almost a local brand in Frankfurt.

In addition, we saw brilliant bronze at UFIP and Masterworks as well as some of the companies below.

Over at the Peter Hess booth we watched an artisan pull incredible sustain and whining sounds out of a large gong.

The secret to the technique was this hard rubber mallet with a slightly uneven surface, available in 4, 5, or 6mm sizes.

Istanbul Agop.

Mystery solved. Is there a Mr Mehmet behind the cymbals that bear the name? Yes, there is, and we've caught him for posterity, right here. He's smiling because they introduced some very cool cymbals at Musikmesse

Turkish Cymbals

Turkish introduced a new line of rock/pop cymbals called Apex. They have the modern look with brilliant bells and darker bows, and a very clear medodic sound if you tap them, but enough trash if you hit them harder.

Diril Cymbals.

Sabian endorsers ask the existential question that vexes all of us: "What's Your Sound?"

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