Musikmesse 2010: Drums By Hand

Musikmesse 2010: Drums By Hand

There’s no shortage of hand drums at Messe, with some colorful innovations we’ve never seen in the states. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the highlights we saw that weren’t covered in our previous stories from NAMM in January, along with people we saw.

Chalo Eduardo, Brazil’s gift to Remo Percussion, was on hand to demonstrate some of the new drums and assist Pete Lockett, who was demoing their world percussion offerings. We’ll get some video of that up on the site later.

Alex Acuña, explains the technique to a visitor at the Gon Bops booth (also below).

The creative folks at RegalTip have come up with a Cajon Brush.They’ll be in your neighborhood store soon.

Emin Percussion, is a Turkish maker of fine hand percussion including ceramic dumbeks. We especially liked this table. It might look good in our living room, eh?.

Sela cajons are beautiful, with gorgeous rounded edges that make the drums easy to use, and some very eye-catching uses of color and woodgrain. They are made in Austria.

The Sela crew promises their drums will be available in the US and Canada soon. Ramon Yslas is a key endorser

Get Jugy with it. Germany’s Udu Drums produces Jugy, clay drums with a variety of neck lengths and internal microphones. The mic setup enables Jugy to get reverberant bass sounds like I’ve never heard before.

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