Mapex MyDentity Drum Set Tested!

Features And Details

These drums have either 7-ply all-maple or 6-ply all-birch shells. Bass drums are 7.2mm thick and the toms and snares are 5.8mm thick. All drums feature 45 degree back-cut bearing edges.

Most of the bass drums have eight lugs (the 24" and 26" have ten) and they all have wooden bass drum hoops with matching inlays. The snare and tom rims are 2.3mm Mapex triple-flanged Powerhoops – the same as those used on Mapex’s superb Saturn and Orion lines. Mapex’s ITS mounts are used on the mounted toms though the bass drums are “virgin” (sans mounting bracket), so you’ll hang the mounted toms from your cymbal stands.

Additionally, the snare and toms come outfitted with Remo UX coated single-ply batter heads and the bass drum heads are pre-muffled for both batter and resonant heads, though there is not a ported bass drumhead offered for ease in miking.

As mentioned there are a variety of materials used for the wraps and the hardware is available in nine powder-coated finishes or mirror chrome. My review kits hoops, tom mounting bracket, foldout spurs, lugs, and floor tom legs all had matching black powder coating.

The Reveal

Our kit’s wrap finish (and the black powder coating) was flawlessly applied without any bubbles or defects. The ITS mounts, spurs, floor tom legs, and shell hardware was all professional-caliber gear and operated well.

Most importantly, the review kit sounded very good without a bad-sounding drum in the bunch.

Tuned way low, the bass drum had a very nice attack over a deep and powerful thud with enough resonance to rattle your innards. You could use it tuned this low but it also sounded good tuned a bit higher where the drum’s note became more prominent. The stock heads continued to do a good job of controlling the sustain.

The snare drum has ten lugs and the throw-off is constructed from metal and strong plastic and frankly seems more midline than high-end, but it functioned well. The drum tuned up well and was crisp and responsive with cutting rim-clicks and loud rimshots. With the stock head there was a bit of ring, but nothing objectionable. This is a very nice-sounding snare drum.

The toms sounded good too. They tuned easily and had good attack with a solid low-end. Each drum had equally distributed pitches and good sustain. I’d expect the birch shells would sound similar but perhaps with a little less sustain and low end.


Mapex’s new MyDentity line achieves what it sets out to accomplish. It offers an intuitive website that allows you to quickly design a professional-quality, custom kit with an unrivaled one month turnaround time. Best of all, the drums sound great and you can even feel good about your purchase since they’re all made domestically in Nashville, Tennessee.


Shells 100 percent maple shells with 45 degree bearing edges.
Configuration 22" x 18" bass drum, 14" x 5.5" snare drum, 12" x 9" mounted tom, 14" x 14" and 16" x 16" floor toms.
Finish Graphite Gray Ripple wrap with black powder coated hardware. Fifty-six wrap finishes with ten hardware choices to choose from.
Features Matching bass drum wood hoops with inlay, 2.3mm Powerhoops, 10-lug snare, ITS tom-mounting bracket, hinged tom clamps, cushioned bass drum claws, and foldout spurs.
List Price: $1,729

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