Meet Your Maker: Chicago Custom Percussion

Meet Your Maker: Chicago Custom Percussion


We were bowled over at the Chicago Show in May when one company showed us made-in-the-USA maple kits for less than $1,000. But it turns out Chicago Custom Percussion has been dishing out this kind of value for drummers ever since it started in 2008.

Tony Gulli got his start in drum building early, restoring drums and cutting bearing edges when he was a touring drummer in his teens. He built his first kit when he was 16.

“As a young kid I was into what Orange County was doing, but then I got into the vintage sounds of old Slingerlands and Gretsch drums,” Gulli says. “All our drums have edges and other features designed to create that great acoustic sound.”

Equally important is the CC Percussion look. Call it retro modern. Very few of the drums have gloss finishes. Most have custom stains Gulli designs or wraps. “I want to make drum sets that people will still like in five or ten years.”

Gulli has built the business using social media; the drumming community is extremely important to him. He personally delivers many kits because he wants to know the people who buy them, see their bands, and understand their needs. “I still get email from people I sold a snare to five years ago,” he says.

Now, with an expanded staff, and higher visibility including a stage sponsorship on the Warped Tour the last two years, CC Percussion is taking off. But Gulli is keeping the drums simple. You can still get a basic 3-piece USA maple kit for around $900 and add a custom snare for about $265.

Contact:, 708-768-1323.

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