Meet Your Maker: Craviotto Drum Company

Meet Your Maker: Craviotto Drum Company


Though not the first boutique drum builder to offer custom drums, today, Craviotto is the Ferrari of the industry, with a reputation for serious, high-end drums owned by many pros. The company bears the name of founder Johnny Craviotto, who began his drumming career nearly half a century ago playing in the '60s with artists such as Ry Cooder, Moby Grape, and Neil Young.

As a player, Johnny collected solid-shell vintage drums. That later became his motivation for developing a proprietary system of producing drums from a single piece of steam-bent hardwood. Craviotto’s style of construction enabled a distinctive quality of sound to emerge from each drum based on the grain pattern, density, and sonic characteristics of each board.

In the mid-’80s, Craviotto partnered with Huey Lewis And The News drummer Billy Gibson to form the ill-fated Select/Solid Snare Drum Company. In 1990 he formed his own company, and in ’92 he began building custom Craviotto drums for DW. That relationship ended a decade later when Johnny launched the Craviotto Drum Company. Today, he makes drums of maple, ash, black cherry, mahogany, or walnut, all built at the company’s Santa Cruz, California, facility. All models feature Trick or Dunnett throw-offs, Gauger RIMS suspension systems, and Craviotto's signature diamond inlays and lugs, plus custom snare wires and Remo heads. Craviotto drums are sold through dealers worldwide, but customers desiring one-of-a-kind designs can always speak to the factory staff, or even Johnny himself.

Contact:, 831-763-0855

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