Audix FP QUAD Drum Microphone Pack

Audix FP QUAD Drum Microphone Pack

Audix Microphones

Less can actually be more when it comes to ambient drum miking, which explains why the folks at Audix are so proud of the new FP QUAD drum microphone pack.

A cost-effective alternative to the DP QUAD drum pack introduced last year, the FP version features the F6 dynamic microphone to capture the bass drum’s low-end, an F5 dynamic microphone to reinforce the depth and snap of the snare, and two F9 pre-polarized condenser microphones, designed to be positioned overhead to pick up hi-hats, toms, cymbals, and the ambiance of the entire drum kit – no matter how large or small your kit.

All four microphones comes packaged in a heavy-duty aluminum carrying case along with a DFLEX rim mount clip for use with the F5 on the snare drum. The entire rig is available at a suggested retail price of $525.

And just to assure that you sound your best, Audix produced a demonstration video that illustrates precise set up requirements for each individual microphone, complete with detailed examples of the four mikes working in tandem. You can check out the video right now by going here.

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