New Billy Ward Autograph Series From Pro-Mark

New Billy Ward Autograph Series From Pro-Mark

By Jordan Liffengren Published March 9, 2010

In making the announcement, Pro-Mark’s Director of Sales Worldwide, Pat Brown, said, “Billy Ward is one of the preeminent clinicians on the scene today. His clinics are inspiring and his playing is always amazingly creative. In addition, he maintains a busy recording schedule and has worked with an eclectic mix of artists from B.B. King to Robbie Robertson to Joan Osborne. His movie work includes soundtracks from ‘That Thing You Do’, ‘Sister Act’, ‘The Siege’ and more.”

Brown noted, “We’re welcoming Billy to Pro-Mark with the addition of a new Autograph Series model that bears his name. It’s the Billy Ward TX526W, nicknamed ‘The Bulb’. It’s made of American hickory with a modified barrel shaped wood tip and 16 1/8” long. At .551”, it is similar to a 5A, and has a large ‘bulb’ in the area of the fulcrum.”

The suggested retail price of the Billy Ward TX526W is $15.25 per pair is in stock and available for immediate delivery.

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