New Condenser Mics From Audio-Technica

It’s Nice To Be Heard

By Andrew Lentz Published October 10, 2009

Audio-Technica has a few more goodies to add to the company’s ever popular 40 series of microphones for recording professionals.

Built from the ground up by the company’s engineers in Japan, the AT4081 offers smooth, warm and natural sound with precise, articulate detail thanks in large part to the innovative ribbon transducer advances.

The net result is remarkable durability and high SPL capability with smooth, rich audio quality. The AT4080, whose footprint is that of a classic “suspension cradled” side-address condenser, is recommended for both drum overheads and vocals. The pencil condenser style AT4081 is equally at home with drum overheads whether in orchestras, ensembles or rock and pop environments. Its low-profile stick design maximizes placement options.

As side-address active ribbon microphones with bidirectional polar patterns, both mics excel in recording studios as well as in live-sound settings. Drummers who have benefited from the company’s awesome Monitor headphone headphones will find a great companion in either of these new 40 series mikes.

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