New Drum Accessories For 2010

New Drum Accessories For 2010

The Drummer’s Wrench from American Recorder is a versatile multitool with built-in tuning key and seven other functions. American Recorder also had The Drum Setter, a 6' x 4' fiber-foam hybrid mat consisting of six interlocking sections for easy storage in the included carrying case. Provides floor protection, movement resistance, and vibration reduction.

Aquarian’s Stick Bag is packed

Aquarian’s rad stick bag comes with a 6" Quick-Bounce pad that can be played on a tabletop or stand-mounted via its 8mm threaded hole on the bottom. The bag, with padded lining and extra pockets, includes First Step, a booklet of snare rudiments written by Aquarian prez Roy Burns. Equally noteworthy was the company’s Super-Kick. Introduced at the tail end of ’09, the Super-Kick’s two-way bass beater offers easily interchangeable hard plastic and felt sides for two distinct feels.

Canopus introduced thin-gauge Vintage snare wires for jazz guys, but its thicker-spiraled Back Beat snare wires are aimed squarely at rockers. Several replacement hardware parts were on tap, including a bass drum mount. There were also single- and double-mount tom stands with ball-joint adjustability.

A new player out of Mexico City, Cymbag displayed its simple tasteful cymbal jackets made of durable fabric in simple black.

To its six-piece rubberized cymbal-pad box sets, Cympad added a 100mm (4")-wide pad for big rides. Better still, the company has a new hi-hat clutch and seat pad with thicker, higher-density rubber.

Be fashionable, help the animals. The snazzy Get’m Get’m drum stick bags hold a wide variety of sticks and accessories. Available in 11 styles including White Zebra and Indochine Black; the Stenson line in black and brown, and the Crocodile line in Black, Plumb, Onyx, and Spruce. A portion of all proceeds goes to animal rescue.

The mesh stick holster from Gibraltar was a groovy idea because mesh is a more intelligent fabric: It lets you see your sticks better and saves on weight. Or get crazy and use it as a water bottle holder.

The Hi-Shaker was tubular, man

Lend a shaker sound to your beats with the Hi-Shaker. This 10"-diameter hollow black ring filled with beads sports an X-shaped center section supporting a hi-hat clutch. Slide onto any hi-hat stand and you’ve got Latin sound at the press of a foot.

Last year’s breakout accessory, the KickPort, a simple one-piece port that fits into your bass drum resonant head, now comes in head-matching white. Plus the company has branched off into the hand percussion universe with the introduction of the new KickPort for cajons, to add some beef to your box.

Mapex surprised and delighted with a new double-pedal bag; 8" and 12" practice pads; and new stainless snare wires in 16- and 20-strand versions for 10", 12", 13", and 14" snare drums.

If you love your cymbals, you’ll love the new 22" cymbal hard case from Meinl

Meinl’s 22" cymbal hard case has eight foam dividers so you can transport up to nine cymbals without having them clash into each other. There’s also a trolley version with wheels and a retractable handle. You can also expect to see a 22" backpack-style soft cymbal bag, with an external hi-hat/splash compartment that holds cymbals up to 15" wide and a glow-in-the-dark Meinl logo that is easy to spot in dark venues. There was also new 6" and 12" practice pads in snazzy red trim. The 12" pad lies perfectly flat on top of a snare drum or can be placed directly and securely into a snare basket. Meinl’s Ergo Percussion table boasted an ergonomic curve that reduces reach.

Though not a drum case maker per se, Namba’s attractive bags — in dark blue and metallic olive drab — turned out to be a hit with players using laptops and electronic pads (Taku Hirano was in the booth ordering one for his Roland SPD-S when we stopped by).

Oregon City, Oregon’s Offworld Percussion introduced the Invader V3 practice pad with a humorous Roswell-type theme. Its patented DarkMatter playing surface effectively — and silently — reproduces a real-world drum experience. Fits perfectly onto a marching snare drum.

Protection Racket now offers hard-shell cases that come in the same sizes as its popular soft bags. Its new line of drum mat markers should take the guesswork out of setting up. Each pack contains three sets of markers numbering one to ten.

Protechtor Cases by Gator introduced its Artist series drum bags. The case becomes rigid when a drum is in the bag due to plastic inserts housed in both the lid and bottom of the case. The G-Flex liner cushions and protects while the wool-like interior offers soft nesting. Cymbal and stick bags available too.

Revolution’s Dynagig Zip Bag

Besides featuring luggage-grade nylon, high-density closed-cell foam, and V-Diamond skid-proof bottoms, Revolution’s Dynagig Zip Bags unzip all the way flat for quicker access to your stuff. The teardrop shape perfectly accommodates snare throw offs or tom mounts.

Swiss manufacturer Ritter had a fairly plush line of cases with padded carry handles, subtle logos, and two different padding configurations. Available individually or as a five-bag set.

The new Drum Gig bags signal a radical departure for SKB

The new Drum Gig bags from SKB were some dee-luxe totes. With a hi-tech exterior, rugged zippers, and double-stitched straps, the cases can be purchased individually ranging in size from in 8" to 24", or as a 5-piece set ($124.99). The SKB Cymbal Gig bag can hold up to 22" cymbals and includes individual internal dividers for added protection.

For sheer bling, the crown goes to Soultone’s Bright Beats hoop accessory. Activated by a Pintech trigger, light-encased flexible chords are mounted to a black steel ring that goes around the outside of the drum hoop. On the inside of the ring are tri-color LEDs reflecting off of the shell instead of at the crowd. Adjust trigger sensitivity, latch or time-on delay, and fade delay to taste. Even when playing really fast rolls the lights keep right up with you.

Stagg dreamed up a whole new look for its Beatbox drum cases

Stagg showcased its new Eco-line Beatbox drum cases, which feature a thin but durable hard shell. The company is also a distributer of Nomad fiberboard cases, and had a new line on hand designed for electronic drums that can be custom made to fit any electronic set. Also new for e-drummers is a Stagg 40W electronic amp that can be either post- or column-mounted. New heavy-duty stainless steel stands are an upgrade from the lighter-weight stainless steel stands Stagg offered in the past.

Ultimate Support’s Hybrid case

The Hybrid drum luggage at Ultimate Support was super swank. The superior protection from its high-tech dense foam, textured comfort-grip handles, and rugged recessed zips — all in timeless black color with silver accents — let you haul those tubs in style.

To pack all its cool new stick offerings, Vic Firth rolled out three new stick bags that hold up to 24 pairs of sticks and come in Camo, Skulls, or Plaid designs ($74.25). The Drum Key is a stylish accessory that clips on to a key chain or belt and fits all standard lug bolts.

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