New Drum Microphones For 2010

New Drum Microphones For 2010

Audio-Technica’s marketing director, Gary Boss, showed us around the company’s new offerings, which included the 40-50 ST, a stereo version of the old side-address large-diaphragm 40/50. The stereo characteristic makes it great for room miking or overhead miking, or for stereo percussion setups. The MS (mid-sized) mike features a cardioid center capsule and a figure of eight top capsule. Two built-in stereo modes are 90 or 127 degrees, so you can dial in how wide you want the stereo image. Great for drum overheads. The 40/47MP (the MP stands for mixed pattern) updates the old large-diaphragm, fixed-cardioid 40/47 with omi-directional capabilities for room miking, and a figure of eight for specialty-miking techniques. Also new were a couple of ribbon mikes: 40/80 and 40/81. Both are bidirectional (figure of eight) patterns, and are loaded with proprietary features (as evidenced by the 18 separate patents on these mikes alone). And with 151dB SPL, they can handle just about anything.

Audix opted for all-in-one convenience with the new FP-5 drum pack, featuring five brand new dynamic mikes designed to capture a 5-piece drum set. The new mikes are F6 for the kick, F5 for snare, and F2s for the rack and floor toms. Each mike includes a snap-to-fit DCLIP mike-stand adapter. Plus, they all come neatly packaged in a sturdy aluminum carrying case. List price for the pack is $559.

Blue Microphones introduced the encore 100i, a dynamic instrument mike for studio applications that features a custom-tuned acoustic circuit with a transformer and a high-pass filter. It lists at a low $89.

Heil’s PR-48

Heil had some dynamic new additions to its mike lineup that should satisfy drummers, including the PR-28, which is easily mountable to various points on your drum kit when paired with the optional HH1 mounting kit. It’s based on the PR-20, but with a scaled-down chassis. Also new is the PR-48 kick drum mike, with a frequency response designed specifically for the kick drum.

In addition to a couple of upper-echelon vocal mikes introduced this year, MXL is dipping a toe into the live-mike market with the new LSC-1 and LSC-2 condenser mikes, which feature three interchangeable capsules for three different polar patterns (cardioid, omni, and hypercardioid) to respond to different playing environments. Also new for drummers is the cheekily named A-55 Kicker, a highly durable dynamic mike with a high SPL that’s as perfect for congas and bass cabinets as it is for kick drums. Plus, it has an A-55-kicking price tag: $99 list.

Neumann’s new TLM 102 is a side-address, large-diaphragm condenser microphone with a cardioid pattern that can be used for a variety of applications in the studio. It comes in nickel or black and is priced at $699 list.

Shure SM27? Sure!

Shure had a new SM27, a large-diaphragm, side-address, studio condenser mike, with a list price of $374. On the cheaper side is the PG27, with a list of $186, which works great as an overhead. Two new premium ribbon mikes (with a four-figure price tag) are the KSM-353 and KSM-313. Absolutely zero self-noise on these puppies means you can throw them 10' above the kit if you wanted to.

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