New Gel Throne from Pork Pie Drums

A Comfortable Perch

By Andrew Lentz Published January 1, 2010

The engineers at Pork Pie Drums know that constant gigging can be a pain in the butt — literally. The company’s new Gel Throne should help with that.

This handsome piece of hardware sports a top layer of ultra heavy-duty therapeutic liquid Gel over the standard high-grade memory foam for optimum comfort and support. The beauty of gel is its resilience. Long periods of compression won’t cause it to lose shape or elasticity. Combined with the seats foam memory, you’ve got a shock-absorbing combo your back and buns will love.

Not only will you have greater comfort while playing bu this formula in seat design significantly reduces the fatigue experienced after playing. The Gel Throne is supported by Pork Pie's heavy-duty double-braced base. $200.

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