New Generation X Mini-Hats from Meinl

Junior Size Me

By Andrew Lentz Published October 30, 2009

For big sound in a small package, Meinl has introduced an 8" and 10" FX Hat to their Generation X line of cymbals to give players that little bit of extra chick.

"A significant amount of our endorsing artists have expressed the musical need for a sharp and cutting sound in an auxiliary hihat," comments Chris Brewer, Meinl’s artist relations manager for North America. "From our experience in working with the FX9 alloy for other effect type cymbals, we knew that this material would deliver that exact sound which our artists want and which the market would respond to."

Made from FX9 alloy, Meinl's 8" and 10" Generation auxiliary hihats produce a very sharp and extremely cutting sound. Perfect for loud and/or busy music situations from extreme metal to fusion and prog.

The brilliant finish and laser engraved tribal-design lend an edgy visual accent to your setup. 8" FX Hat, $276 pair; 10" FX Hat, $314 pair.

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