New Heads For 2010

New Heads For 2010

Customize your front kick head with Inked By Evans

Evans took a big leap into the realm of custom manufacture with the new “Inked By Evans” campaign. You can now get virtually any graphic design or photograph of your choosing printed on a 20", 22", or 24" Evans bass drum resonant head. The stock selection includes 99 designs, 29 of which are part of Evans’ showcase series, which includes artwork from Woodstock, Alchemy Gothic, and surf artist Al McWhite. Another 60 gallery designs are proprietary and include everything from nature scenes to fabric patterns, which you can customize by adding custom text and tweaking the details, or just upload your own hi-res image and your own text. With $80 (plus $15 up-charge for customizing) you can get yourself a flashy new head in as little as one month. The best part? Rather than being laminated on separately, graphics are embedded in the head itself.

Remo was up to some skullduggery with its new Tattoo Skyns head

Remo had a similar inspiration to get graphic with its Tattoo Skyns heads. Corey Miller of L.A. Ink created two different designs: Skulls and Serpent Rose, that are available printed onto a Powerstroke 3 bass drum resonant head or a sueded 12mil single-ply snare drum batter head. SkynDeep technology imbeds the ink right into the film. Available in black with white graphic or white with black graphic. Also new is the Ambassador X head, which splits the difference in weight between a coated Ambassador and coated Emperor. On the hand drum front, Remo continued to refine its popular SkynDeep fixed-head synthetic heads across its GFT frame drum line, including Snake Skin, Goat Brown, Goat Stripe Brown, and the rainbow-tinted Fish Skin head for riq and tamburiq. Pandeiros got the Ultartac feature built into their synthetic heads for a more authentic animal texture and enhanced sound.

Meinl’s Tru Feel heads are now an option on tars, bendirs, and assorted frame drums. As its name suggests, True Feel’s lightly textured surface has a natural-head feel and is extraordinarily responsive. Impervious to moisture, True Feel heads will keep their tune no matter what.

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