New Models of American Hickory from Vater Percussion

All Good Things Come In Threes

Boston-based stick maker Vater Percussion has three smashing new American Hickory models to suit a wide range of playing styles. Pick up a pair of 52nd Street Jazz, Swing, or Traditional 7A sticks and right away the premium-grade domestic timber feels great in your hands.

As always, Vater’s painstaking quality control is performed on each and every stick right in the Vater brothers’ South Boston facility. Go ahead and experience Vater’s new 2010 American Hickory models for yourself.

52ND St. Jazz

Replicated after one of the early hand-turned Jack’s Drum Shop, this design is straight out of the great Jazz and Big Band era. Named after the legendary street in Manhattan, 52ND St. is historic in jazz history as the spot that hosted virtually every jazz great from the 1930’s-1950’s.

The long and flat oval tip produces warm and broad ride cymbal tones with full-bodied drum sounds. The quick taper gives it a great feel and response.

Length: 16”, diameter: .530”. List price: $13.99


Designed in collaboration with renowned educator Steve Fidyk, the Swing model measures just under a 7A in the grip. This model has a “double taper”, meaning that it is slightly thicker towards the middle of the stick than in the grip and then finishes with a very quick and thin taper. This produces a stick that possesses great sensitivity and exceptionally fast rebound.

Length: 16”, diameter: .535” List prices: wood tip $13.99, nylon tip: $14.49

Traditional 7A

Dubbed “traditional” because Vater’s 7A is longer and has a different tip shape than standard 7A’s in the industry. This classic style 7A has a great feel for lighter playing. The small acorn tip delivers full cymbal and drum sounds without being overbearing.

Length: 15 ½”, diameter: .540” List prices: wood tip $13.99, nylon tip $14.49

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