New Remo Drumheads At 2011 PASIC

Remo At 2011 PASIC

Istanbul Mehmet

Remo used their appearance at the 2011 PASIC as an opportunity to preview two drumheads that each builds upon the popularity of recently-introduced models. First up was the new Clear Vintage Emperor, which follows in the footsteps of the Coated Vintage Emperor batter. Remo rep Bob Yerby explained that the clear version retains the dark qualities that made the coated version popular with jazz drummers who want a dark sound that emphasizes midrange overtones, and yet adds a newfound attack and clarity traditionally associated with clear film. Then Yerby showed us the new X14 – a beefy 14-mil single-ply head that increases the thickness and durability of the Emperor X – a hit with hard-hitting punk drummers – and yet still retains the crispness of single-ply heads.

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