New Ride Cymbal Optimizers From Cympad

Cympad Ride Cymbal Optimizer

CymPads Optimizer and Moderator cymbal washers hit drum shops several years ago, offering drummers a way to protect their precious bronze from metal-to-metal contact (like regular felt washers, only better) while providing sound dampening qualities for a smigeon of resonance control (totally unlike regular felt washers, or anything else on the market, for that matter). This year the company has introduced Ride Cymbal Optimizers for both ride and large crash cymbals, with a new design that features a higher density, firmer premium-grade foam and increased height to better support larger, heavier ride and crash cymbals. The new Ride washers come is a two-pack that carries a suggested list price of $5.00 and have a bright orange Cympad logo. Go on, baby your bronze.