New Wires For The Working Drummer

Drum Fire Launches New Snare Wires

By Radim McCue Published September 9, 2009

DrumFire, supplier of quality drum sets and percussion accessories, adds DSW1420 Snare Wires to its line of working-drummer products. DSW1420 Snare Wires are intended as replacements or upgrades for the stock wires included with most snare drums.

DSW1420 Snare wires are exceptionally durable and produce an ultra clear sound suitable for a wide spectrum of musical styles. Designed for 14" drums, the DSW1420 is a 20-strand steel wire configuration, featuring identical medium-gauge (0.6mm) coils and chrome-plated end clips. The result is a rich, crisp snap prized by percussionists of all genres. Two mounting strips are included with the snare wires. Listing for only $10.99, DSW1420 Snare Wires are affordable enough for all drummers to keep handy in their accessory bag.

DrumFire also makes the DHB6500 Drum Hardware Bag, DTA1088 Drum Set Dust Cover, and DMA4450 Non-Slip Drum Mat. For more information contact

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