Ngage: The Newest Custom Snare Throw-Off

Ngage: The Newest Custom Throw-Off

ngage throw off

With Nickel Drumworks, Trick, and Dunnett already crowding the field, is there room in the market for yet another custom snare throw-off?

Simple answer: you bet.

And now Rocket Shells – the company that built its brand on high-tech carbon fiber drum shells – has thrown its hat into the ring with the new ngage (not a typo!) throw-off, which is CNC machined from aircraft aluminum, making it one of the lightest and strongest available. The design utilizes a cam and sealed ball bearing combination, allowing nearly frictionless tensioning of the snare wires. In addition, the easily accessible fine adjustment knob features a ball bearing and spring assembly, giving the player “feedback” every quarter-turn, as well as preventing accidental deā€tensioning of the snares wires. Ngage throw-offs come with a complementary butt plate and are sold in silver, black, and black/silver. Lifter kit are available for drums less than 4.5" in depth.

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