No More Wrist Pain With The Roleo

Wizard Of Ahhhs

By Andrew Lentz Published September 23, 2009

Could your paradiddles use more diddle? Are your flams on the flimflam? The Roleo Therapeutic Massager might just be the thing for those cramped and achy wrists.

The Roleo is a portable massager that eases and prevents wrist, hand and arm pain, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and repetitive strain injuries.

The durable plastic composite construction makes the Roleo extremely roadworthy and the compact size is convenient for travel. The ergonomic pressure control knob on top of the unit lets you adjust your desired level of tension quickly and easily.

The Roleo soothed many a cramped muscle and cramped hand at NAMM earlier year, in particular those drummers plagued by wrist and forearm issues.

Whether you’re a professional musician or simply love to play, the Roleo must for serious, gigging musicians, especially drummers, to keep their hands and wrists healthy and pain free. $49.95.

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