Now Hear This: Sensaphonics Earphones

Tired of playing gigs without in-ears because the wire was yanked out? Sensaphonics now has field-replaceable cables for its ProPhonic 2X-S and 2MAX dual-driver custom earphones, so now you can out on the road with greater confidence.

Unlike the friction-fit systems used by other manufacturers, the new Sensaphonics cable is secured to each earpiece with a nylon screw, eliminating any chance of it being accidentally pulled out. Though initially developed for Sensaphonics’ 3D Active Ambient earphones, user response was so positive the company decided to develop a similar version for the ProPhonic 2X-S and 2MAX.

Designed by Sensaphonics Japan, the new cables are a tour grade, dual-conductor design, featuring a memory-wire insert at the earpiece end and a split adjuster (zipper) to ensure a secure fit behind the head. Available in matte silver or black, in lengths of 52 or 60 inches. ProPhonic 2X-S, $750; 2MAX, $850.