Off-Set: The Big Boy Single Pedal

big boy single pedal

The Off-Set Bass Drum Pedal Company is introducing its newest single pedal, The Big Boy Single. This product sports all the features of the Off-Set Double pedal into one, single unit. It comes with features including a solid metal base plate, twin pedestal design with both upper and lower transverse hex rods for strength and stability, 12 1/2" pedal board with toe stop for both heel-up and heel-down techniques, twin heavy-duty springs for perfect balance and speed of recoil, Off-Set adjustable beater holder, which allows for independent adjustment of the beater angle and the pedal board height, hard-soft mallet with mallet shaft key, and as regular equipment, a set of regular duty springs for perfect tailoring of spring pressure (to name a few). The Big Boy Single will range between $159.99 - $179.99. Check it out, along with all other Off-Set products, at