Paiste Expands The Classic Formula 602 Line

Paiste Expands The Classic Formula 602 Line

Once the favorites of such monumental drummers as Jeff Porcaro, Art Blakey, and Joe Morello, as well the starting point for all flat rides that followed, Paiste’s Formula 602 cymbals were introduced in 1957 as the company’s first use of CuSn20 alloy. Following their discontinuation in the ’90s, the line became the stuff of legends.

So after Paiste knocked the proverbial ball out of the park by reintroducing the classic Formula 602 line last year, it made sense for the Swiss cymbal maker to further expand the series in 2012 with the release of 16" & 18" Paperthins, a 20" Thin Crash, and a set of 14" Medium Hi-Hats.

Here’s the rundown: The ultra-light Paperthins more than live up to their names, offering almost no resistance when struck, and emitting a warm, transparent sound that fades quickly. The 20" Thin Crash is deep in overall tone with silvery highs and a breathy fade. And the 14" Medium Hi-Hats offers a soft feel and defined clarity suitable for moderate pop, rock, and jazz.

So if you’re looking for a different kind of bronze that demands a delicate touch, it would be smart to check out the latest 602s.

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