Paiste’s New Alphas: Brilliant!

Paiste Bangs Out New Brilliant Alphas

Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch is not letting go of his brilliant Alphas.

Nottwil/Switzerland – This January look for Paiste to launch of a new Brilliant version of the Alpha Series at the Winter NAMM show, where they will be extending the line with new Metal and Rock models. Alpha cymbals were first launched by Paiste in 1992 and were an immediate hit. Today, the cymbals are known for dependability and great sound.

The new brilliant look for the Alphas is accomplished by hand-polishing the cymbals to a mirror finish. The Alpha models go through both hi-tech lathing and shaping processes as well as traditional hand-hammering. The combination has produced a unique sound that makes Alpha popular with rock and metal artists. New models that will be introduced at the show include a humongous 24" Rock Ride; Metal Crashes in sizes 17”, 18”, 19” and 20”; and 14” Metal Edge Hats that feature Sound Edge waves on the bottom cymbal, one of Paiste's numerous cymbal innovations. Alpha cymbals today are endorsed by numerous working drummers all over the world, such as Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch, Jason Sutter with Chris Cornell, Dave Witte of Municipal Waste, Tommy Portimo of Sonata Arctica and Steven Spence of Black Tide.

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